Resume: Scientific – Research


Master of Arts: Dramatic Literature, Soore University of Tehran, 2018

Bachelor of Science: Physics, Shahrood University of Technology, 1998


Writing the article “Audience’s Conterfront with Mirror Works of Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, As Performance Creation Based on Jacques Derrida’s Deconstruction Theory”, published in the Theoretical Principles of Visual Arts journal with grade A, 2023

Compilation of the book “The Phenomenological Encounter of Relativity Theory and Point of View in Narration”, Nahr publishing, 2021

Compilation of the book “Zero Hallaj Rhythm in Execution”, Nahr publishing, 2020

Writing the article ” Study of the Relationship Between First-Person Point of View in Narration and Relativity Theory, from Maurice Merleau-Ponty Phenomenology View”, as the master thesis in Dramatic Literature at Soore University, Tehran, 2020

Writing the article “A Comparative Analysis of Hallaj “Anal-Haq” and His Execution, and Marina Abramovich’s “Zero Rythem” Performance; From a Phenomenological Point of View”, published in the fifth issue of the Padidar magazine of the University of Arts, 2019

Presentation of the article “Study of Relativity Phenomena from the Perspective of Two Stationary Observers” to the International Congress of Cosmology and Relativity, Africa, 2001

Holding a one-day student seminar of the physics department at the Faculty of Science, Razi University, Kermanshah, 2000

Presentation of the article “Omicron Geometric Unit” to the German International Mathematical Congress, 1998


Teaching in the department of art, Dameghan University, bachelor’s degrees, from February 2023

Teaching in the department of theater and cinema, Kamal-Ol-Molk University, Nowshahr, bachelor’s degrees, from September 2021

Teaching aesthetics of editing in the central branch of Tehran Technical Complex, from April 2021

Teaching creative screenwriting in free skills courses of Tehran University of Applied Sciences, Culture and Arts, Unit 4, 2020

Teaching the disciplines of “I Cinema”, “Screenwriting”, “Cinema Directing” and “I Performance” at Setare Sazan, private institute of theater and cinema, 2019-2020

Teaching “I Cinema” in Esfarjani institute, 2018-2019


(Approved by the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Iran)

Writing the article “Calculating Length from the Perspective of Two Stationary Observers”, supplementary formulas of Einstein’s special theory of relativity and its registration in Shahrood Science and Technology Park, 2001

Registration of Omicron geometric unit with the title “Omicron Unit, equal to 1.360 of circular length to unit radius” in the admission committee of Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology, 1997


The director of the art department of Avicenna International College of Georgia, 2023

Lecture on the future of cinema at the SAHAR Festival, Manchester, England, 2016 and 2019

Membership the Asia-Pacific Cinema Promotion Network (NETPAC), since 2017


Branding and marketing manager of Virtual Iranian Education Network (shoma), 2021

Manager of Kavoshkadeh Moalem Center, district 18, Tehran Province, 2015

Associate member of International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), since 2015

License to publish a short film magazine from the Deputy Minister of Press and Information of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, 2014 

Workshops, conferences and festivals

Received a certificate of passing the internet business start-up course from Charisma Business Institute, 2019

Received a certificate of passing the advance course of strategic management from Charisma Business Institute, 2019

Passing personal branding, BAV (brand asset valuation (, integrity, authenticity, creating a content, creating a future course in Esfarjani Institute, 2017 and 2018

Certificate of participation in the international workshop “Atelier of Creativity in Cinema and Video Art / Charlotte Huber – France”, “Atelier of Pen – Camera and Inner Travel / Philippe Castellink – France”, “Master Class in Anthropology and Experimental Cinema / Laurent van Lanker – Belgium “,” Master Class on Theory of Uncertainty and Cinema / Jean-Michel Roux – France “,” Master Class on Independent Cinema and Scenario with Open Structure / Philippe Castling – France “,” Master Class on Video Art and Experimental Cinema / Maile Lumé – France “, “Master Class from Film to Digital / Steven Martin – France” in the 5th Khorshid Independent Film Festival, 2015