Art activities


Member of the jury of the 18th Vox popular Media Art Festival, Canada, 2022

Collaboration with the CELLUL’ART International Festival, Germany, 2019 and 2020

Collaboration with the FIKTIVA International Festival, Germany, 2019

Lecture on the future of cinema at the SAHAR Festival, Manchester, England, 2016 and 2019

Senior Advisor and Chairman of the Selection and Judging Board of the 2nd “Mother” National Film, 2019

Achieving the first national rank in the short film (student) section in the 4th period of the National Darya Festival, the Path to Progress, 2018

Membership the Asia-Pacific Cinema Promotion Network (NETPAC), since 2017

Member of the Iranian Cinema Jury at the 13th Action on Film Festival, Las Vegas, USA, 2017

Executive Director and Member of the Jury of the Iranian Cinema Section at the 12th Action on Film Festival, California, USA, 2016

Member of the jury of the 2nd SAHAR International Film Festival, Manchester, England, 2016

Certificate of appreciation for making the documentary “Kharghani”, introducing the great mystic Sheikh Abolhassan Kharghani, 2016

Received a commendation from the United Nations for filming on the subject of peace- for the experimental documentary “Gisooye Ashofteye Zamin”, 2015

Collaboration with the Universities of Paris 3 and 10 (Sorbonne) and the Association of Companions in France to invite Sorbonne professors to hold workshops and as juries for the film section of the 5th Khorshid Festival, 2015

Special Award of Professor Sadeghi in the Documentary Section of the First Salamat Short Film Festival- for the documentary “Gisooye Ashofteye Zamin”, 2015

Certificate of appreciation of support and cooperation in holding the 10th Nahal Student Film Festival, 2013

Best Documentary – Best Director – Best Documentary Research at the First Short Film Festival of Parvanehaye Isar- for the experimental documentary “Gisooye Ashofteye Zamin”,2013

Introduction letter of Semnan Science and Technology Park to the Elite Foundation of Semnan, 2011

Roudaki Foundation certificate of appreciation for directing “Paboos”, the first film produced by Roudaki Foundation, 2010

Letter of appreciation from Roudaki Foundation for being a director of the first week of the Roudaki Foundation’s competitive film entitled, 2010

Second place in the short film of the first Baran International Festival- for the experimental documentary “Haft Salam”, 2008

Received a certificate of good performance from the Geneva Red Cross Committee for the production of the documentary BAM EMERGES WITH NEW LOOKS- on the subject of Bam after the earthquake, 2007.

Second place in the documentary section of the first International Quranic Film Festival- for the experimental documentary “Aroos e Ab”, 2007

Main Medal of Kyrgyzstan’s First Issyk-Kul International Film Festival and Best Film and Best Documentary- for the documentary “Aroos e Ab”, 2007

Third place in the experimental film of the 5th Waresh National Short Film Festival of Iran- for the experimental documentary “Haft Salam”, 2007

Best Documentary – Best Cinematography – Best Editing in the First Regional Festival of Iranian Students- For the documentary “Kocheye Janoon”, 2004

Certificate of appreciation for winning the top position in the film festival of students from Shahrood University of Technology, 2004

Third place in the documentary section of the 4th Iranian Students Festival for experimental documentary “Gheire motearef”, 2002

Letter of Introduction from the Head of the Mathematics Department of Zanjan University and the President of the Iranian Mathematical Society to the Austrian Embassy for a PhD Scholarship Following the request of the Austrian Embassy to support and award scholarships in Austria to two Iranian mathematical geniuses,2001

Certificate of first place in student poetry competitions, 1996

Award for success in the 2nd stage of the 7th period of poetry and story competitions, Semnan, 1992

Director and founder of the Independent Short Film Support Center and the Khorshid Art Center

Founder of the Museum of Artists’ Donations

Sending invitations to filmmakers around the world to make films about “the most beautiful dreams” at the INSIGHT Festival, Manchester, England


Film and serial review expert providing foreign program and international media of IRIB Broadcasting, 2020-2021

Educational administration of Setare Sazan, technical and vocational private institute of theater and cinema, 2019-2020

Director and founder of Khorshid Independent Film Festival,2011-2019

International distributor of independent experimental films,2011-2020

Director and founder of “Sinemagaran Mostaghel Andishevarz” (“Independent Thinking Cinematographers”), the international production and distribution institute,2016

License to publish a news site supporting Independent short from the Deputy Minister of Press and Information of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, 2014

Screenwriting: Tanasokh, Molaghat Ba Khoda, Saat Sefr Ast Inja

Producing, directing, researching and screenwriting of films

Short experimental documentary “Beresad Be Daste Ou”, 2017/ Documentary “Kharghani”, 2016/ Documentary “Shayad”, 2015/ Documentary “Gisooye Ashofteye Zamin”, 2012/ Fiction “Paboos”, 2010/ Documentary “Goodarz”, 2009/ Documentary “Sardare Khiban”, 2009/ Documentary “30”, 2009/ Fiction “Nafase Nimroz”, 2008/ Fiction “Hanas”, 2008/ Documentary “Bam Behesht”,2008/ Documentary “Koucheye Ashna”,2008/ Documentary” Dar Taro Poode Baftan”, 2008/ Documentary “Haft Salam”, 2007/ Documentary “Bam Emerges with New Looks”, produced in the Red Cross of Geneva, Switzerland, 2006/ TV series “Physics for All”, 2006/ Documentary “Aroos e Ab”, 2006/ Documentary “Khanyeh Omide Mosaferane Jadeh Abrisham”, 2005/ Documentary “Kherghe Raghsan Az Tanast o Jesm Raghsan As Ze Jan”, 2005/ Anthropological documentary series “Mojan Masouleye Kavir”,2004/ Documentary “Kocheye Janoon”, 2003/ Documentary “Changoore”, 2003/ Documentary “Rasmestan”, in collaboration with the International Relations of the Iranian Red Crescent (produced in Afghanistan),2002/ Documentary “Afghan Dar Afghan”, in collaboration with the Iranian Red Crescent (produced in Afghanistan), 2002/ Documentary “Gheire motearef”, 2001


Member of the Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds, Khaneh Cinema, 2013-2020

Covered by Social Security insurance coverage for creators, book authors and artists, since 2016

Associate member of International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), since 2015

Associate member of the Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association, 2005-2011

Workshops, conferences and festivals

Attending the Cannes Film Festival as a film distributor, admitted to the short film corner section of the festival, France, 2016

Attending the 16th Fajr Film Festival as a distributor in the international film market section of the festival

Invitation and participation to other international film festivals: INSIGHT Manchester United Kingdom / ZOOM Poland / SORIA Spain / INSIGHT HALF India / LUCANI Italy / CONCORTO Italy / KINOLUB Poland / IBAFF Spain / PAMPIFITAS Portugal / THIRD EYE India / Sweden Yari / DADA SAHIb India/ ECO ETNO FOLK Romania / FRESCO Armenia / TAC America / VOICE FROM THE WATER India / Anthropology of Slovakia / KAN AMATEUR Poland

Invitation and participation to Iranian festivals such as University Theater Festival / Experience Theater Festival / Roshd Film/Yadegar Documentary / Kish Documentary Cinema and so on.