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Our Activities

The Khorshid Art Center has a central idea and that is to establish a connection between the filmmaker and the performance artist with researchers in the field of art studies as well as with active members of the market and the art institution. This relationship is necessary for growth and development and success in the art market and is achieved by using the methods of branding the artist and the work of art and then informing about the basic principles and foundations of this field to active artists in these interdisciplinary fields.

In order to enter the interactive space and create a suitable platform for the formation of effective communication, Khorshid Art Center seeks to establish an efficient, effective and appropriate relationship with the activists of the international art community and tries to raise the knowledge and awareness of artists and activists. The arena will take effective steps to approach the standards of the International Day in order to succeed and shine these interdisciplinary arts and artists in these fields in the international art community and prestigious world festivals.