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About the art market
The art world and the art market are two different things, and success in producing a work of art is not necessary for its success in the art market, and in the contemporary art world, art branding will undoubtedly play an effective and decisive role in the success of works of art in the international community. , Because branding has principles that do not completely overlap with the principles of producing a work of art, and it can be said that the production of a creative and valuable work of art is necessary and, of course, the introduction to enter the art market.
Non-observance of copyright laws and lack of modern standards and ignorance of the methods of presenting works of art to the international art community and insufficient familiarity with the relations of art institutions and … by artists, are the most important obstacles to successful works of art and artists to success. The works of art are in the art market and the international community and cause some confusion in the way their works are presented, especially since the presence of numerous festivals with distinct goals (which do not necessarily correspond to the goals and principles of the art market) and of course the great desire of artists to use the opportunity. Has caused the main path to enter the works of art to their proper market during the path of sending works to festivals and performances is diminished and sometimes forgotten, and the artist after a while, despite not receiving sufficient results from the produced work, stops continuing the path. Or, assuming that it produces another suitable effect, consciously or unconsciously stops the process of pursuing the result and output of its effect.
Remember that decisions about a work of art in the art market are not only determined by the quality of the work of art, but also by factors such as the artist’s branding, art consultant or distributor, which is the result of the distributor’s experiences. Or the art consultant has created the work in connection with the media and art market institutions for a long time, and no doubt their recommendation or introduction of the work can have a more convincing result and create added value for the work of art and the artist. It will be and will help the artist in his artistic branding path.
If you think about why a media outlet or university or an art institution has to pay a high price for an artist’s work of art, and try to find an answer to this question, you will no doubt find out what an art consultant or broadcaster does. The artist creates important and, of course, difficult and specialized ways to present the work of art to the market and the international art community. Now also note that he is just one link in the chain that will go through the process of marketing and branding the work of art and the artist to get the right result.
From the point of view of art economists, complexity and charm are the most important features of the art market, and this complexity is much greater in the case of contemporary works of art, and reveals the need for specialized work to achieve results. It is enough to know that the determinants of the value of a work of art in the contemporary world of art are the consultants and members of the art institution, and not what the artist considers to be the characteristic of the work of art produced. When you think of the greatness and glory of attending festivals like the Oscars, Cannes, Venice, Berlin, etc., remember that the artists and works that are present in the biggest art scenes are somewhere and by people on the right path to success. Branded and grown.
Art institutions are elitist, and this elitism is not limited to the creation of creative works of art, but also the selection of a successful path for art branding and success in the art market is one of the requirements of this elitism.
There are always very smart and knowledgeable people in the art market who are the heroes of the contemporary art world, they discover new talent and support worthy artists, but remember that there is a future artist who enters this market through the first circle. This chain will reach the possibility of success and start on the right path from this path, because you will achieve success only when you step on the path to success.
The art market has the least transparency and rules among other economic activities in the world, because to be an artist you do not need to get any degree or license, and this allows many people to attend the art world, including festivals, markets and Encourages art institutions to choose their selected artists through reputable and knowledgeable people and relying on branding.
With the support of a decade of international activity and the possibility of communication with buyers, televisions and related media, art centers, festivals, research and academic centers, etc., Khorshid Art Center seeks to create a suitable platform for communication between film artists, performance art And modern visual arts to take effective steps with the international art market and help artists to achieve the success and brilliance they deserve.
If you consider yourself a creative and talented artist and you think you have created a work worthy of brilliance and success and you want to join our art market and take advantage of the opportunities in this section (including: introduction to buyers, TVs and related media, art centers, Use festivals, research and academic centers, etc .; You can fill out the form at the bottom of this page to have your work reviewed by our expert team and receive our suggestions for cooperation and presence in the art market.

Steps to apply for cooperation and presence in the art market:
– Fill in the application form for registration in the art market and evaluation of the work.
– A maximum of 72 hours after sending the application form for registration in the art market, an email will be sent to you in which you will receive the code to receive your work along with our suggestions for cooperation.
– If you agree with the announced conditions, you can complete the sent contract in response to the email and send it to our email along with the requested documents.
– In the next 48 hours, you will receive a confirmation email and you will receive a copy of the signed cooperation agreement with the signature of the site administrator and the cooperation will begin.
* If you want to receive more information, after completing the initial form and sending it, you can call +989922897750.

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